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I am from Chicago area and I am looking to enroll in some ccvp classes in a local college. I searched online, but I couldnt find any college that offer such classes. I was wondering if anyone knows of a college that offers such classes. I am not looking for 3 or 4 day seminars.
(Oakton college offers a VOIP class using Asterisk, Is that something I should take or look for a cisco ones?)

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    Other than the official course training through an official Cisco Training Partner, the Illinois Institute of Technology Graduate School, and a voice bootcamp or two -- there really aren't many options for Cisco Voice training.

    The bootcamps cram the information in so fast that if you aren't already working with the technology, you'll probably be lost after the first couple of hours (and they are expensive).

    The official course through a Cisco Training Partner can be expensive unless you get work to pay for them.

    And IIT has a Cisco Voice Lab -- but I doubt they train you for the CCVP. You need at least an Undergraduate Computer related degree with at least a 3.0 to apply for their Graduate program. :D

    You could consider self-study and rack rental for the hardware access. Some of the 3rd party CCIE Workbook Vendors offer Voice material -- and one may even be offering CCVP level training online.
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