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On this forum there is a lot of talk about the Syngress book being better than the MS press book, Ok I can believe this, because the 70-291 book first edition was not that great. I have the core four set of second editions, So I was wondering, all the talk about the Ms press book being bad is everyone talking about the first edition or the second.

Royal, I am half way through the second editon Ms-press do you recommend I switch to syngress?


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    I used the Syngress book, and while it was loaded with information, it was also pretty dry reading. I deliberately steered clear of the MSPress book for this exam, due to the bad reviews.

    See if they have the book at your local bookstore, read a chapter or so, and see if you think the writing style fits your needs. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    I used Syngress. Stay away from the 70-293 MSPress book.
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    Currently reading the Syngress book for this exam and finding it not too bad... Can be a little dry occasionally as previously mentioned.

    Planning to read the MS Press book after this as well just to see why people have rated it so bad......... As I also have the Core book set for MCSE and don't want to see it go to waste :p

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    The thing that I noticed with the five chapters that I have read from the Ms-press book is it is wordy as hell and in alot of places it beats the whole Registered and private Ip address concept to death, plus I frequently feel that the author doesn't have enough practical experiene to be informative.
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    I found 70-293 MS Press book hard to follow. I did not like the Author's style of writing compared to other MS books.

    I used Sybex for this one which I found alright. Have heard good things about Syngress too.
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    Passed this on Tue 19th Jun with 910

    I used MSPress but mainly for reference, I don't like reading on and on. I used TestOut, don't know if you're aware (sorry if I'm teachin u to suck eggs) but it's video based like a classroom style scenario, the tutor talks to you and draws diagrams on a whiteboard.

    I prefer this to reading all the time. Also there are screenplays where the tutor talks while showing you an actual server screen and there are SIMS where you are asked to complete a task (similar to SIMS in exams but not as hard).

    Also used Transcenders and Visual Cert Exams, good luck!
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    Congrats Baggie!
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