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I'm just wondering how many people actually run NCW for their company. I know there many local govn't still using Novell eDir because it is more suitable and stable than MS Product. The maintenance fee is lower than MS.

Anyone is running NCW on Vista yet..? Just want to know
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    My college runs a Novell login server for all their desktops. Sometimes, it's extremely laggy trying to log-in.
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    I used to work for a Health Care organization that used Novell. When I left they were working on slowly migrating from Netware to Linux. I don't think there are that many companies in the US still using Netware.
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    I live in the UK and work for a UK based multi national Construction company and we use netware/Windows XP on the desktop.

    Our infrastructure is built on EDirectory with Novell Branch Office servers in our regional offices for file and print services. Centralised backups for all sites on the cluster in head office for all data in the business.

    It is mainly the goverment and education sector that use Novell in the UK and some are migrating to using a Novell/Suse environment. I think we are evaluating the infrastructure this year/early 2008 to decide on wether it is worth looking at either an MS or Suse Linux network infrastructure.

    Long process though!

    Don't know how the NW client works with Vista, I may find out in 2008 if we decide to go with a Vista/Novell desktop!

    The support/licensing costs of MS is what stopped us migrating a few years back I'm lead to believe!

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    Novell still working on the new version for Win Vista... Novell is moving to Linux side of the house, so... should be good.

    However, I still like Novell better than MS.. icon_lol.gif
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    I like Novell too, so much that I completed my CNE in Netware 5 before the deadline and upgraded it to Netware 6 :)

    Now I have the set I always wanted MCSE CNE CCNP

    The Tier 1 ISP I work for uses Novell for file and print across the business. There should be plenty of work over the next few years shifting Netware to Linux so if you want a niche consider doing the Novell Certified Engineer track. You need to be a CNE 6 to do it though.

    For those without a current CNE in Netware 6 consider doing the following..

    Novell Certified Linux Professional 10

    followed by

    Novell Certified Linux Engineer

    Good look with the practical lab exams the practicum.

    Get these qualification, find the right jobs and print money. There are not too many people on top of all this stuff right now so opportunites are out there somewhere and should grow.
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