Failed the beast today - 657

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Well I took "the beast" today and got a 657 icon_mad.gif I have been studying for about 4 months using MS Press, Transcenders, and CBT Nuggets. I am going to take it again next Tuesday so hopefully I can get a few more questions correct.


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    sorry about this. I wish you will kill the beast on the next attempt

    I took the exam a month ago and got 600+. the RRAS was downfall. how about yours? what is your weakness shown on the report?

    What kind of questions were you hit the most?
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    Well there were a lot more WSUS questions than I expected. I believe that I had about 10 of them.

    All four areas showed about the same results. So I am hoping a few more days of studying and I will slay it.
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    that is unlucky.

    i hope to take the exam sometime.

    any advice for any first timers?

    good luck on the next attempt.
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  • JdotQJdotQ Member Posts: 230
    Good luck on the next attempt -- not too far from a passing score. I know the feeling (failed first attempt with a 679 icon_mad.gif )

    But nothing will feel better killing this beast! icon_twisted.gif
  • dsimons2001dsimons2001 Member Posts: 39 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Well after another five days of studying I slayed the beast :D I got a 720. Not great, but I am so relieved to be done with that thing. Thanks for all the tips and support I've received on this site.

    My suggestions for this test are really pretty simple. You need to know the stuff mentioned in the objectives. I found the MS Press book and the hands on exercises using vmware servers to be the best preparation for me. I setup all different server and DNS zone combinations which really helped. There is really not just one topic to focus on because there is a lot of material covered in this exam. I guess that's why it's called the beast.

    I used the following study materials: CBT Nuggets, the MS Press book, Transcenders, and Technet.

    Good luck to everyone on this site.
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    congrats man.....that is good news!!!!!
    get back to studying!!!
  • eltoroeltoro Member Posts: 168
    I love happy endings! Congrats!!!
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  • taktsoitaktsoi Member Posts: 224

    great news. you nailed it. you achieved and deserved it.

    congratulations. nice.

    what' s yr exam? planned yet?

    i m planning to rewrite it again. i m so sure i will celebrate once i kill the beast.
    mean people SUCK !!! BACK OFF !!!
    The Next Stop is, MCSE 2003 and CCNA.
    Bachelors of Technology in 1 More Year.

    -Working on CCENT. Thank you my love <3
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    Congrats on the pass!
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