Any tips for the worried?

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Well, I decided to move my test date up from September 22 to July 29 and now I am worried that I have shot myself in the foot. I am scoring around 80% on tests like cccure, preplogic and boson but I feel like I could use some more reference material/study guides. Does anyone have any good material that would help. I am currently using the all in one and the passport plus some video training. Any help will be appreciated, but I have to say that I like condensed material. I may just be overpreparing but I have been told that there is no such thing. Thanks.

Does anyone have any experience with ****? I was thinking about getting access but I wanted a review first.


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    justus1 wrote:
    Does anyone have any experience with "products to **** my way through exams because I'm too darn lazy to actually study for it"? I was thinking about getting access but I wanted a review first.
    I can hardly believe a guy going for the CISSP would be inquiring about brain ****. However, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I'll just let you know that the material you inquired about (and was replaced with the embarrassing text by the TE filter) is **** material. I recommend staying away from it. The material you already have used should cover it well, plus the fact that you are supposed to have 4 years experience in the security field.

    Good luck to you.
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    I have 10 years of experience in it and 7 of them in infosec/IA all in DOD. Thanks for the reply, I had never heard of the specific "**** material" I was just looking for a concise study guide. I found some good stuff on cccure which the kind of "****" material I was talking about (something more portable than the all in one or official study guide). I have been studying on and off for a year for this test specifically. Since no one on this site really know anyone and their ethics or morals I appreciate the benefit of the doubt. Thanks again.
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    I was serious, not sarcastic, about the benefit of the doubt I gave you. I hope you took it that way. As moderators we have to be firm about such things, and it's nothing personal. It's just that we have heard every excuse and **** are just not up for debate on the forums.

    CCCure has very good material, but they don't give you actual test questions, which is what the **** do.

    You and I both know the DoD has only been doing things "right" for about the past 3 years icon_wink.gif , but there are exceptional individuals within the DoD and you may be one of them.

    I wish you the best on your exam justus1. With your experience and the All-in-One guide, you should do fine. Take care. :)
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    Don't worry, I only took it personal for a few milliseconds and moved on. Anyway, I appreciate your response. I was not familiar with the actual product when it was mentioned to me the other day, so that was why I asked. You are right about the DOD though, policy is one thing they are good at (recently), but backing it up can be an entirely different animal. There are plenty of people who prefer to sit on their rank or position and not want to improve. I apologize if I seemed short in my response, it was not my intention. I have been taking several practice exams and though I have been doing well, around 80%-90% I still feel like I am missing something. Plus having some books only in PDF/online format doesn't help either. If anyone has an idea of how I could add to or integrate my material I would appreciate it.

    My sudy plan includes an online DOD bootcamp (review, i know its depth is lacking)
    The All in One
    ISC2 Official Guide
    CCCure Material
    CISSP Passport

    Thanks again and no hard feelings. icon_lol.gif
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    Just know that no practice exam can really prepare you for the real exam. I will not comment on the topic of cheating, I think it's been covered thoroughly enough by Mark and the rest of us on this site many times.

    It's not a Microsoft exam, so cramming on 50 different practice tests and test engines WILL NOT give you a pass. Just make sure you COMPLETELY understand all 10 of the domains. And by complete, I don't mean you have to be an expert in all of them. But you do need to understand them and be able to talk about it with some level of competence. A good test is have someone who knows nothing about it, ask you to explain it to them. So for example, ask your wife/husband/friend/enemy to be your student for a few minutes. Then have them say something like "can you please explain cryptography to me and the differences between the types, implementations, and application?". If you can do that with a domain and have the person understand it, you probably have a real solid grasp. If you consider yourself one of those people who "know the material and have mastered it, but can't explain it", no better time to change that about yourself than now. Besides, if you put your CISSP to use, part of your job will probably be explaining some of these concepts to people who haven't the slightest idea. You might be justifying to a board of directors why you need to pay an expert level packet analysis professional 120k/year, or why you need to spend 2 Million on new network border security equipment. So it'll only help you in the long run anyway.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    Justus1 - since you are DoD have you seen this?
    Much of the VTE material is available for FREE in the VTE Public Library. Access to the VTE Premium Library and training courses requires an account.

    Members of the DoD may request free VTE accounts under a sponsorship agreement with DISA for DoD D 8570.1 compliance training. Learn more about this program or request an account now.
    Not covered by a sponsorship agreement? You can still use the free VTE Public Library, learn more about VTE, then sign up for a trial account.

    Once you request the free account (for DoD folks) there are some half-decent lessons in there. Much better than the Skillport stuff provided to the Army, though it's still not what I would call "great". Might be worth while for you to browse some of the available topics.
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    I didn't mean to ruffle anyones feathers about cheating, I seriously had no idea about braindumps, the guy that referred me to the material told me that it was a "useful study guide" so I will let him know the real deal icon_mad.gif I like the idea of using my family as students to gain a grasp of how well I really know the material, it is just a matter of getting the wife to listen to some of these topics :D I do know about the VTE material, but it seems more like a review so I think I will read over my material/notes the last week and view the online training there. Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful, I truly appreciate it.
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