Haven't received anything yet... Do I need to be patient?

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Hey all,

I passed the 70-270 three weeks or so ago but haven't received anything yet. I checked with vue and they've registered my pass and an email to them garnered a response along the lines of "we've notified Microsoft, talk to them." Of course, I don't know who to talk to at microsoft (Bill Gates changed his cell, so I can't call him whenever I want to anymore icon_twisted.gif ) It's important only because I need the certificate in order to gain OU admin access to my OU so I can finally do my job and I thought the process would be lickity split like Comptia. Does anyone know who/where to contact them about how I can find out where the certificate is at? Or does it take Microsoft a long time to mail out certificates? Thanks!
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    When you register with VUE, they request your MCP ID and e-mail address. If you don't have a MCP ID, when they register the exam pass with Microsoft, vUE will pass your e-mail address to Microsoft and Microsoft will assign you an MCP ID# and e-mail you telling you how to gain access to the MCP Member Site and how to verify your address so they can send you your welcome kit. If none of this happened, call a Microsoft Regional Service Centers that is closest to you. You can find these Regional Services Centers here.
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    Hey ..... i have passed the exams over two weeks now ... no email and no contacts from MS or Prometric now .... HELP icon_cry.gif
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    Royal explained what was needed to be done. Check the link in his post. :)
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    When I have passed my 70-270 I had to wait about 5 weeks for the first email from microsoft and about 9 weeks for my welcome kit. I was also worried as you are however as far as I know most of the people have to wait so long for any response. So all you can do is just wait. If you will not receive anything after 8 weeks thats the point where you can may start worring, however I think you will receive at least something by than.
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    Thanks for the replies all. I spoke to a coworker this morning and he also mentioned it took an unbelieveably long time for microsoft to respond and suggested waiting at least a month from the day I took it before contacting Microsoft. I guess I won't be getting my admin rights any time soon. But hey, as long as I'm getting paid right? icon_lol.gif
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    recieved anything as of yet?
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