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I would like to get some telnet practice. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any articles I could use? How can I use it as a troubleshooting tool?


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    Go to they've got some nice in-depth books on a lot of networking topics. Also I think might have something on telnet as well.
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    Here's a site for you. icon_cool.gif
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    I use telnet to troubleshoot connectivity to specific services.

    If you telnet into port 25 (SMTP) for an email server, you should get a response. (at least from an Exchange serve, not sure if that covers all email servers).

    If you telnet into port 1494 (ICA), it should print out ICA over and over until you disconnect.

    These will only work if you are running an email server or a metaframe server.

    This is usually when you are opening up ports on a firewall for remote access.

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