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We have a client with a strange exchange problem. Any suggestions or advice welcome:

A single w2k3 SBS server running in a single AD domain. The company has two public domain names. All users have mailbox enabled user account and an email address belonging to the first domain (let call this There are also a number of users which have a second email address for the 2nd domain (lets call this

Emails for come in via SMTP however emails for are collected via pop3.

Now the tricky part...
The guys who have the 2nd email address require the ability to send emails as both & To achieve this we created a second mailbox enabled user account for each of the guys who required two email addresses. We then configured the second user accounts to forward all emails to their first account. We also granted 'send as' permissions so users can send emails to both domain email address from their 1st user account.

The users with two email addresses only user their 1st user account. The second user account is only there for 'send as' and forwarding.

This strange setup works however we have discovered a problem. If someone sends a email addressed to [email protected]; [email protected] & [email protected] then all three users receive 3 copies of that email. The same applies if a email is sent to five users, they each receive 5 copies of the same email!!!

Any ideas?
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    preecy wrote:
    This strange setup works however we have discovered a problem. If someone sends an email address to [email protected]; [email protected] & [email protected] then all 3 users receive 3 copies.

    Any ideas?
    It sounds like you have a mail forwarding loop, maybe by forwarding on the server and on POP3 clients, but quite frankly the setup sounds too strange to get a clear picture. I'd go with getting rid of or setting up domain2 similar to domain1.
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    Each recipeint receive mail 3 times or only 2 times????

    I could understand if they were receiving it 2 times.... As that probably means you have a setting ticked within their mail forwarding properties to deliver mail to both the original mailbox and to the forwarding address.......

    But if they are receiving it 3 times each that just sounds really strange.......

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    sorry for the confusement my description is badly writen!

    let me try again...

    if you send a email to [email protected] he/she receives it once.

    if you were to send a email addressed to both [email protected] and [email protected] then both users would receive that one email twice.

    if you sent one email addressed to ten users (let say [email protected] upto [email protected]) then all ten users would recieve the email ten times!

    however this problem does not occur when sending mail to email addresses. = smtp = pop3 (catch all account)

    as pointed out i can only imagine its a pop3 connector or a forwarding issue?
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