Security protocols?

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Do you need to know stuf about PAP,chap,ms-chap etc for the exam or not? the book says its not mentioned but has people come across them for the exam?
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    Yes, you do. And yes, I had questions on my exam regarding them.
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    As royal mentioned, yes. What book are you reading that does not mention it? (just curious)
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    You may not get a question relating to every single type of security authentication..... But you will get at least a few questions on some and when they appear you must be able to remember what are the pro's and con's of the authentication type in question or they may give you a question relating to features needed for authentication and you will have to provide am authentication type that will meet the questions needs..........

    To second royal...... I also got quite a few quetions regarding authentication methods on 291...........

    I am just as curious as JdotQ about which book tells you the exam doesn't question on these?

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    cheers for the replies.

    it was my stupid mistake - i was reading the sybex book and it was talking of the config methods for vpn etc on the client side and thats where it said this was not covered in the exam. the security protocols just happened to be on the next pages which i mistakenly included in that statement!
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