Server+ or Net+?

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Been a long time since I did my A+ Server+ the next best cert to take?

My options are N+ or Security+.....Just want to get back as to whats new out there since its been a long time.



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    Server+ is not as well know as Network+ and I think it is more difficult than Net+. If I had to do it all over again I would probably take Server+ instead just because not that many people take it. Most people take Net+ though so in the end it is up to you. If you like to work on Servers then take Server+ if you like to work with Networks then take Network+. Both A+/Server+ and A+/Net+ count toward an elective for MCSA 2003. And of course you could always do both if you wanted. I hope that helps.
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    Thanks I appreciate it....Im planning of doing both but i have to choose which one i'll do first.
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    my recomandation would be net some topic is related to server+, not all, but ill would help u with the logic of the test, to me the hardest of the comptiatest is been the server+, then again i only studied for like 3 weeks, but thats a good cert to have
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    I agree that I would do the Network+. It's more recognized in the industry as well as gives you a good foundational knowledge of networking which will help you out in your studies for higher-level networking certifications. Of course there's always the option to do both.
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    Thanks again.....Any suggestions on what N+ book/material is good and comprehensive?
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    I'll agree with the conclusion that Net+ is a better choice before/in place of Server+. My company seems to think one should go A+, Net+, Security+, then Server+.

    In terms of materials, all I used for Net+ was Mike Meyers Passport book and some online tests- but that's only if you are comfortable with networking. I'd definitely study up on the obscure Novell stuff
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    MercJ wrote:
    Thanks again.....Any suggestions on what N+ book/material is good and comprehensive?

    Check out the 'gift' PDF listed under the NET+ section near the top ;)
    Thanks go to Webmaster if you like them...pretty certain you will find them helpful :)
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    Thanks again and hopefully I get a chance to finish mine this august.
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