serial and parallel ports

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do you have any notes on serial and parallel ports
is there any specific amount for each?


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    You may want to re-word the question. What exactly are you asking?
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  • teddy_vashteddy_vash Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I wnat to know the devices that are attched to the Serial and Paralel Ports
    eg. the Viedo card does it have a Parallel port or a serial port
    and I want to know if you have a set amount of them

    I hope yu understand now
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    I found good study notes (pictures and information) for ports and connectors at and
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    Typically, every PC has at least one(some have two) Serial, and one Parallel port(s).

    A Serial port uses a DB Male(pins)connector, either 9 or 25 pins, however the 25 pin Serial port is past, and may not be seen today. You could plug a mouse, or keyboard, or modem, or any device that uses Serial communications, in to a Serial port. Serial ports carry data on one wire, and were standardized by IBM in the 1980s.

    A Parallel port uses a 25 pin DB Female(holes) connector, and is used primarily for printing. However, you could use other devices such as a Zip drive with a Parallel port. You could also daisy-chain Parallel devices. This can cause unwanted problems, and with the advent of USB, is not a common practice.

    A video card does not use either. They use a 15 pin DB connector, Female, which looks like nothing else in the back of the PC, with the exception of a sound card, which may offer a similar connector for a joystick or game controller.

    Don't get either Serial, or Parallel ports confused with COM, or LPT. COM and LPT are logical ports, meaning they are not physically real. They are combination of an I/O address, and an IRQ assigned to the connector.

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    Hope that answers your questions.....
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