Enough Materials?

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I was just wondering if the following materials will be enough to pass the test, as long as I know them well:

TestOut: Security+

uCertify: Security+

uCertify: CIW Security Analyst

TechExams: All 3 quizzes.

And http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=Comptia-Security-Practice-Exam-2

I read a couple places on here that the TestOut is a good program to use.

I learn a lot better from reading/watching lessons on a computer from software like TestOut then just books.

Anyway, my main question is do you guys think that will be sufficient?

If you don't think it will be, please try to give detail as to why, such as "it doesn't cover..", etc.


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    I was using testout by I don't think its as good as the sybex book. But that is just me. Those should be enough materials to pass.
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    I haven't used or seen the ucertify or testout for the Sec+, but I do know that most people (myself included) did not feel that even a big book like the Sybex or Syngress covered everything, so most used either both books (and they are both big and very good) or one of those books plus an Exam Cram or Passport book, plus something like testout, ucertify, or transcender. The technotes on this site are very good too.

    Personally I used the Sybex as my primary source, skimmed the Syngress, used the Tech Notes here extensively with a highlighter, skimmed the Dummies book (which was pretty bad), skimmed Exam Cram, and viewed the CBT Nuggets. IMO, you can't go overboard on this exam, it covers a lot of ground.
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