Unable to access the Internet on vmware servers - pls help

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I feel like a newb for asking this but how can I access the Internet on my Server 03 vmware machines? I have a laptop with XP Pro that I can access the Internet fine, but when I go into the two servers I have setup in vmware I get "page cannot be displayed". I tried changing the security settings and no luck. Also, I uninstalled IE Enhanced Security Config from Add Remove Programs --> Windows Components. These machines are setup on a LAN segment if that is the cause. If it is, how can I connect to the Internet on these machines and still have the two machines on their own network? Please help. I want to be able to sync my WSUS server. THANKS :D


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    I actually use Virtual PC and I know with Virtual PC, there are a couple ways that might might relate to Vmware. With Virtual PC, you can choose to have your virtual servers use the external network card which will grant them access to the internet. If this is not the case with Vmware, or you want your virtual servers on a private network but still want to grant them access to the internet, I do the following with Virtual PC.

    1. Install a Microsoft loopback adapter.

    2. On your host machine, enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to share to your loopback adapter. ICS is hard coded to use the 192.168.0.x /24 network. ICS also will work as DHCP and give your loopback adapter an ip address (

    3. Set your virtual servers to use the loopback adapter as your its network adapter.

    4. Your virtual servers will by default use dhcp and will also retrieve a dhcp address from the loopback adapter. If you statically configure your virtual servers, you'll want to use the loopback's address ( as your default gateway to get out to the internet.

    With this loopback method, your loopback adapter works as a router. Even if you are on a different network for your host machine, lets say 192.168.1.x /24, you can now RDP into your virtual servers from your host machine. I've used this method many times for configuring my virtual servers so they are on a different network than my host machine's environment, but still grant them access to the internet, and allow me to RDP into them from my host machine.
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    I´ve also set up a little virtual network for working on 291.

    I think the best you can do, and it will help you for the "Routing and Remote Access" part of the exam, is :
    You set the setting of your two machines ethernet card to "Custom: Specific virtual network, VMnet2"

    Then you install a third machine that you use as router/firewall with two ethernet cards.
    One ethernet card settings to "Custom: Specific virtual network, VMnet2"
    Second ethernet card settings to "Bridged: Connected directly to the physical network", or to "NAT: Used to share the host´s IP address" if you are connected directly to the net.

    Now on your third machine, you go to "Administrative tools", "Routing and Remote Access".
    You choose "Custom Configurations", "Lan Routing".
    An alternative, depends on how you are connected to internet, is to use NAT in stead of Lan Routing.
    Dont forget to set the default gateway of you two original machines to the inside address of your third machine.

    So, i hope this has been informative and i like to thank you for reading....LOL (inside joke for CBT fans)
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    So, i hope this has been informative and i like to thank you for reading....LOL (inside joke for CBT fans)



    I actually use nat for internet connectivity in my vm network, I don't let all my machines connect to the net though, only my wsus/rras servers
    get back to studying!!!
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