passed 819

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I used the Syngress book and a book called security + training guide by Todd King, this site (thanx) and the When I needed a differnet view of something I'd google or go to Tcats book.

It seemed like a rough start as I marked for review over half of the first 25 questions and probably marked 30 overall. But I hit a few runs of gimmies and worked on the marked questions probably changing 1/4 of them. I had about 10 minutes left when I hit the grade button and I was still very uneasy. Oh well thats a load off...

Faling 70-270 over a year ago made me come back to these comptia exams because there was alot of material on the MS exam that related to network and security. Im hoping this will work as a pre req in being prepared for that test. Also I didnt study the best for that exam so I think I will have a better shot this time around.


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