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I'm new to this forum, but I've read alot on it and like it. Anyways, I did poorly on the 70-270 today, I thought I studied enough on it and had alot of the practice questions down pat. One third of the test just seemed to hammer on networking, rather hard networking for XP, then the rest of the test was kinda no-brainer stuff I feel I did well on. And to confuse me even more, I've already passed the 70-290. I thought the 270 was the easiest of the 7 exams.

I'm using the Microsoft Press book to study. If anyone knows any other good material out there that would help me please fill me in. Althought I'm not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a CD or something like that. But are they really worth it instead of like Exam Cram2? or a book like that. Thanks everyone!!!!


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    I am studying for the 70-270 right now. I read the MS Press book already and more than 3/4 of the way through this wonderful book - . I think you might like that book too! The Sybex books are great to help you clear the "fog" in your head after reading a MS Press book. I will be, hopefully, taking the 70-270 at the end of this month - and with practice and more studying, I should be ready. You know, I originally thought this exam would be easy since I have years of experience and a few certifications. After reading the textbooks, I found out how much more in depth Microsoft wants you to go. The MS Press book and the Sybex books are great partners!

    Best of luck!
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    I'm sitting for my 70-270 tomorrow morning. Using the Sybex 3rd edition Study Guide, this forums notes, Technet website, and just digging in with google and reading and watching anything that pertains to the exam. For me, hearing or reading from as many sources as possible has helped me grasp the concepts much better.
    It is soooo cool when the light bulb comes on, OHHHHHH that's how it works!!! I live for these moments. Lately for me, the lights have come on for gpo's. Very powerful stuff!

    Good luck to All!
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