MCPD Upgrade exam 70-551 & 552

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Hi there,

I'm new in this forum. got a quick question here. I have MCAD, and I want to upgrade to MCPD Web Developer or maybe MCPD Win. I just had a research and found out that I should pass 70-551.

Q1. I am just wondering what books are recommended or essential for this exam, and where to start from? Do I really need to read through all 3 books for the regular path, 536 foundation, 528 Web & 547 Pro. that's probably over 3000 pages to read.

Q2. Is there anyone have both MCPD: Web & MCPD: Win? I know the differences between win & web roughly. But just wondering which path is more promising in the future as I have a decision to make for now? (551 or 552)

Any input is welcome..

Many Thanks


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    Hi Richard, welcome on board.

    Q1. Although it would be wise to go through everything, there are probably several objectives in the 536, 528, and 547 that are no on the 551 exam. If you compare the 'skills' being measured for the 551 exam to the ones of those individual exams, you'll probably notice the three cover more than the 551 alone. Wouldn't be much of an upgrade exam otherwise, because those 3 exams are required for those who are not a MCAD.

    I hope someone else can help you out with Q2.
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