Bam! The beast is slain - Passed - 740

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After 1 month of brush up, I was able to slay the beast with 740 in second attempt. Not bad, I passed it. I finally nailed the 291 in 4 and half months of studying (on and off). I m glad this is over. What a relieve. icon_cheers.gif

The test was difficult again. I got 46 questions with 3 sims. Most are DNS, DHCP, RRAS, IPSec and WSUS. I got about 10 WSUS Qs again. icon_evil.gif They are all tricky and hard this time. icon_evil.gif I guessed some of those. When I m home, I will practice this again. I need development here definitely.

I got Routing and Remote Access, Name Resolution, and IP addressing with 80%. Network Infrastructure is about 70% and Network Security is only about 50-60%. Network Security almost killed me. I luckily passed it. Thank god. bowing.gif

Thank you for all kind of help here. I really appreciate people here. I love people here. I love this forum. I love you all. This is a place where drives me motivation. A+ :Dicon_thumright.gif

The study materials are as follows:

MS Self Paces 291 Second Edition and its measure-up.
Home Lab (very important)
Experience (very important)

Thank you again. Thank you this forum. Thank you all people. icon_thumright.gif

I am gonna celebrate with my gf tomorrow nite. We gonna see Fantastic 4. :D


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mean people SUCK !!! BACK OFF !!!
The Next Stop is, MCSE 2003 and CCNA.
Bachelors of Technology in 1 More Year.

-Working on CCENT. Thank you my love <3


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