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Hello All,

I just wanted to make an intro thread here on this great site. I'm glad I found this site while looking for info on some certs and I'm glad I stuck around. This probably has to be one of the best, well-organized forums/sites I have been on in a long time. This will surely be my home for as long as I'm doing I/T.

I have always been into computer but didn't get serious about I/T until I went to college. I was first pursing a I/S degree but my university just now offered a BA in Infrastructure Assurance and our program was deemed a "National Center of Excellence" by the N.S.A. So you can say I am really excited about this opportunity. I did help desk from tier one to tier three for a major ISP and now I have been local I/S support for a remote facility for a corporate health company. I must say, being able to work with engineers and the sys admin doing network, internet, windows and security work is awesome.

I just now started looking into getting my certs because I have some time and want to do some catching up. I plan on knocking out the A+, Net+, Security+ then moving on to MSCE/CCNA. I like to have a solid foundation of a little bit of everything.

I hope with those certs, plus more, my BA and my experience I'll be well-equipped to to take it to the next level in the I/T world, specifically security.

Thanks ahead of time to everyone that welcomes me and to everyone that contributes to this site for people like me. Sorry for the long intro thread!


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    Welcome aboard! icon_cool.gif
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    Don't forget about getting wireless 802.11 networking experience! icon_cool.gif

    And welcome to TE!
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    Welcome to the site! Good luck throughout your certification endeavor!
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    JDMurray wrote:
    Don't forget about getting wireless 802.11 networking experience! icon_cool.gif

    And welcome to TE!

    But of course! We have a few AP's set up throughout the hospital for our patients.

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
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    Welcome on board!

    Good luck for the future!
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    Welcome aboard!! :D
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    Thanks everyone!
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