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Hello all!

I passed the exam yesterday with a 766. Not as great as I was hoping and studying for but a pass is a pass. I also wanted to share as much about the exam as I remember because reading other peoples comments really helped me prepare for it.

Basically is was exactly as I expected it to be. There were some super easy questions and some really tough ones also.

-Know your ports! I had maybe 10 questions that could not have been answered if I didn't know the port numbers. Just know the ones on the objectives. I had a couple on SMTP, SSL, FTP... etc.

-My exam consisted of a lot of legacy stuff. I had a large number of questions on bridges and 10baseT as well as legacy topologies like ring and bus. As much as you hate it, you still have to know it for now!

-I was expecting a lot of wireless questions but I didn't have many. The ones I had were pretty simple. Know the frequencies of specifications. A-5GHz B-2.4GHz G-2.4Ghz Bluetooth-2.4GHz. There were no questions about OFDM, DSSS, or FHSS which made me sad because I knew that stuff!

-I was so shocked because I had only 1 (one!) question on OS X and maybe 2-3 questions on NetWare. One of the NetWare questions was about what version first supported NDS. The OS X question was about file sharing on a OS X server... which was weird, I can't remember the exact question.

-Other than that. The material on this site really, really helped. I didn't spend a dime on study material. I used the official objectives, Wikipedia, and this site to learn most of it.

I hope this helps some people getting ready to take the test. Please keep in mind that each test can be completely different and mine was just a sample of what is possible. Please don't JUST study certain things hoping you won't get your weak-area questions on the test.

So what's next.
I just got eleven CCNA books from a friend along with a few CD's and PowerPoints so I may just head into that next. I would also like to get my MCP in server 2008 in the near future.

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    thanks for the info. Im taking mine on Monday and pretty much going to be studying all weekend. All of the info you went over I have a firm grasp on. Did you get alot of Remote questions and authentication. Like Kerberos, CHAP, PAP, etc. or RAS questions?

    What about the command line questions. Sometimes when they use the extensions of a command like, netstat -s netstat -a etc. I'm so used to using the /? in the command prompt that I forget exactly which one is used especically when it's a simple -S or -s type question.

    Anyways. Thanks for the update and congrats. If I pass then I am going to buckle down on the CCNA Intro and split it up.
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    Welcome to the site and congrats! I'm sure many people will find your review helpful and is much appreciated.
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    Congrats on the pass reeves122!

    Yes, blazep, you can very easily, and most likely will, get something about the command line and commands, with switches. Good luck on your exam on Monday.
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    Good going! What's next for you ?
    I my-self am almost ready to sit for the network plus test.
    I am really going over the 2005 objectives and trying to get a firm grasp on everything.
    Right now I am trying to Master Domain 3.0. Network Implementation.
    Anyting Linux,Novell or Mac I am trying to learn about for the network plus test.

    Example: For Linux to resolve host names to IP adresses, Linux searches three files.

    1. resolv.conf
    2. nsswitch.conf

    This information I found in the Linux 2007 bible and is not in Any of my network Plus Materials.
    The lesson here is read alot of different books.

    Anway, again good luck, And if you have any suggestions for websites or books that may help please pass along.
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    Thanks guys!

    To answer your question, Blazep, I did have a few Remote/Wan questions. One that I found to be really tough was how you go about installing RAS on NT4. It's been years since I've even seen a NT4 machine and I have no clue how to do that. There was a couple questions on Kerberos also. One question asked how to troubleshoot a Kerberos setup and I picked the choice that said check the time to make sure the computer is synchronized. I don't recall seeing any PAP, CHAP, or EAP questions and certainly not any asking what the difference was. This, again, surprised me.

    Ah yes, there were quite a few command line questions. Fortunately, they were as simple as they could be. There were no questions on command line switches like netstat -a which surprised me. They were very basic questions about identifying the command itself given an example output.

    I think you will do fine! In some areas, it was easier than I expected. I think the questions I missed were on older stuff that I had trouble forcing myself to study for.


    I may have just gotten super lucky but I didn't have many *Nix questions. I do recall one question on the HOSTS and LMHOSTS file but even that is not specific to *Nix. It's good to learn that stuff anyway so you are wise for learning it. Plus, you never know what kind of test you will get.

    Good luck all who are about to take the test!
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    Congratulations! icon_wink.gif
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