Anybody else besides Kevin Wallace?

Starting studying CVOICE. I have my Self-Study guide by Kevin, the flash cards are by Kevin, and the Knowledge Net CBTs are by Kevin.

I was hoping to get information from different sources, which usually means different people! Any suggestions?

Also, are there simulation questions on CVOICE? I assumed that it was just a background info test before jumping in to the real meat of the subject.


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    You could check out the Cisco Documentation..... but be prepared to run screaming back to Kevin. I didn't see any obvious CVOICE level starting point in the docs. You can check out the voice port configurations and dial peers for a small router like the 2600 -- but then in the next section of the doc "you are no longer in Kansas."

    Voice features on Cisco 2600 series routers -- Then check out the Configuring Voice Ports link and the Configuring Voice over IP link (where you'll find a Configure Dial Peer link to farther down into the page).

    The docs are a lot more useful (and obvious) when you are studying CallManager or Gateways and Gatekeepers.

    CVOICE covers the basic IP Telephony configurations.... and you will be tested on them.
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    I find Jeremy Cioara to be insightful and entertaining:

    He really seems excited about the technology and is having alot of fun teaching it.

    I think his CBT Nuggets are second to none!
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    Just wanted to say thanks for letting me know about this. I definitely agree with you and think this CBT was one of the best I have ever seen. I also like that guy, I identify with him, we are similar! I reacted exactly the same way the first time to some of the little things he throws in their along the way (WORD - I just love when Cisco puts WORD there---what is THAT? ) haha.

    I definitely plan to get anything involving this guy. Thanks so much!
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