"072" Series exams?

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Ok, I've searched all over the place and I seem to find the same answer everywhere.

Anyway- the question: Is the "072" series exams the EXACT same as the "070" series? As in, do they fullfill MCP status and go towards MCSA/MCSE just the same? I've only read speculation by everyone, but have not read anyone who has taken advantage of the Academic Alliance yet and took a 72-XXX exam

I'm a student at a university thats part of the academic alliance. I'd love to take advantage of the free voucher for my 1st MCP exam within the next 2 weeks just as long as it counts just as much as the 070 series exam, but I don't want to waste my time if it won't go towards MCSA/MCSE.

Sorry if theres a thread out there on this already- searched for the past 20 minutes to find nothing on it... only that its an Academic Alliance test... not whether it applies directly to MCSA credit the exact same as the 70 series.

I'll call PearsonVue on Monday to get a solid answer, but was wondering if anyone knows in advance. :)


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