have questions on cables. ..failed( 641-821 intro) got 854

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Hi everyone
i am still confused about cablings used..i need ur welcome advice . and there were a number of questions on the exam.

The rules i know to connect two dissimar devices with straight through and similar devices with crossover was not enough knowledge for the exam and some books i read seem conflicting.

1/which type of cable u use to connect a Lan to router ?
2/ when do we need to connect a pc nic port to a router ethernet port and with which cable type ?
3/ when do we use vce cable ?to connect what to what ?
4/are wan cables like vce straigh though or crossover ..?
4/ do we use a pc com port to conect to a router if so to which router interface and which cable ?

Hope I am not asking too many questions but seems basic and dont get straight so far ?

Thanks in advane


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