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1.How can a switch be configured to prevent unauthorized hosts from access to a network? (Choose three.)
2.An old workstation has been replaced with a new one. The workgroup switch is not learning the MAC address of the new workstation. A network technician has verified that a static MAC address is not configured on the attached switch port. Which commands can the technician issue at the switch CLI to further troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.)
3.A group of hosts has been connected to a new Fast Ethernet switch. Which of the following statements describe this newly created LAN, if the new switch has not yet been configured? (Choose three.)
4.A workstation on a switched Ethernet LAN is to be upgraded with a new Fast Ethernet NIC. What should be done to ensure that the workstation will be able to gain access to the network?
5.What are the recommended HyperTerminal configuration settings for establishing a console session between a switch console port and PC COM port? (Choose three.)
6.Which protocol is used to copy a new IOS image to a Catalyst switch during the upgrade procedure?
7.How long will a host MAC address remain in the address table of a switch after the host has been turned off or moved to another device?
8.A new policy for disaster recovery requires copying all critical network configurations and operating systems to a backup server that will be stored offsite. Which command will create a backup of the switch IOS image on the server?
9.Which methods can be used to perform the initial configuration of a new switch? (Choose two.)
10.An administrator is using the switch help facility to find the command elements available to the configure command. What would the user type at the command prompt to display the next set of arguments available in the syntax for this command?
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