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Lo Peeps,

Using VMware workstation 6,

I have two Windows Server 2003 R2's in a team both using a LAN Segment. Now I am studying for the 70-291 and using the MS Press Book. I am working my way through the DNS topics. I need computer 1 to have a Internet connection. I have added another Ethernet Adapter and configured it as bridged.

The Vm machine loads up and both network cards are connected. If I disbale the network card that is part of the Lan segment I can get out to the net. If both cards are enabled I cannot. I have tried bridging the connections but this doesn't work.

Any ideas?

I would also like to get this working as I believe this setup will eb useful for the Wsus topics later.


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    I've done this with my vmlab, for a wsus server, I put one nic in the lan segment and 1 uses nat, i'm able to get out just fine

    make sure your virtual adapter is present, this is how vmware interfaces with your system
    get back to studying!!!
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    Thanks for replying, its got a little complicated since my original post,


    Computer 1
    1st NIC is in the LAN Segment IP is staticly assigned
    2nd NIC is Bridged. DHCP is enabled gettign from my router

    Computer 2
    NIC is the LAN Segment configured for DHCP and an Alternative Address of

    When both NICS on Computer 1 are enabled I am unable to ping computer 2 and Computer 1 cannot ping Computer 1.

    If I disable the 2nd NIC on computer 1 the ping request responds.

    This is driving me nuts. The firewall is disabled on both PCs.


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    try using NAT instead of bridging....that's what I do, my vmserver "shares" the nic card of my physical machine instead of getting it's own from the external network
    get back to studying!!!
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    Jksetch - Thank you, I can now go to bed.

    Interestingly enough I've seen your posts before about NAT in Vmware.

    I have set the 2nd Adapter to NAT, now I believe I am right in saying that this uses Vmware's own DHCP server?

    I can now get out on the Internet from computer 1 and ping computer 2.

    One last question the address I have now from the NAT Adapter is with the gateway of, how is this talking out to the network?

    Thanks again for all your help!!!!
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    no problem!!!

    you are correct, vmware has it's own dchp server handing out addresses on vmnet1 or vmnet 8 whichever it's using

    it get's out to the network by setting up an interface between the vmnet and your actual nic card, short of like internet connection sharing...just that your nic isn't handing out the ip address it's vmware that's handing it out

    glad it's working for you

    I think your problem before was that your router was handing out the same address range as you were on your lan segment....
    get back to studying!!!
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