Is MCDST worth taking if I get MCSA?

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I'm currently in desktop support and I am currently trying to get to our Network or Desktop Operations Center. I am working on A+ right now but my current plans after that are MCDST --> MCSA. Is it even worth it to get the MCDST if I plan on a MCSA? Some of the course material looks similar between the 2 certifications so I'm wondering if I should just go straight for the MCSA?


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    It can't hurt. If you choose take the 70-270 exam, which counts as an elective/part of the MCSA track, that covers basically everything you need to know for the whole MCDST certification. the 70-270 is all about Microsoft XP, as is the MCDST cert (exams 70-271&272). Study up and pass the 70-270, and then if you want, go and give the DST exams a shot right after. I did it the opposite. After I passed both exams for the MCDST, i went and just sat the 70-270 exam straight up, no extra studying or anyhting, and passed it fine., so that might be another road you might consider. You might want to do a little studying whichever way you go. But lets put it this way...if you do one, the other prepares you greatly. It wouldn't be much of a struggle to get the extra cert, so go for it. That is if you plan on taking the 70-270 as your client OS elective in your MCSA, which I would recommend.
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    I understand that A+/Net+ combo counts as an elective for MCSA and so does the MCDST but can you use them both as electives or only choose 1 to use as an elective?
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    ah, I wasn't sure if the MCDST counted or not. I do believe you can use both, but that is two seperate. A+/Net+ combo counts as one, and if the DST counts, thats another one. Double check that though, I'm not 100% positive.

    Either way, the DST doesn't hurt, and if you can use it as an elective, why not? Its another bullet on the resume, heh
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    I appreciate your input. I guess I was right about the certs containing a lot of similar information but it does make sense to take a little extra time and get the extra cert.
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    In my opinion, it's worth it. When you compare the MCDST to the MCSA, they actually test different skills (there is some cross over, mind you) as they are geared towards different job roles. And besides, it doesn't hurt and it looks nice when you have more then 1 or 2 MS creds :)

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