Passed 293 with 910

BaggieBaggie Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
Passed this on Tue 19th Jun - 2nd and 3rd questions were both GPO SIMS, gotta say "READ THE QUESTION THOROUGHLY" [Too much information edited out by moderator] cost me a few minutes but still finished in less than 90 so not too bad.

Used TestOut, MSPress and Transcenders with Visual Cert Exams for good measure.

1 more SIM which was to do with [Too much information edited out by moderator] , fairly easy. A few drag drops and select the correct server(s) etc.

Know your GPO inside out including GPMC for SIMS, A lot of CA and Security and the rest was spread quite evenly among the rest of study material.

Good Luck everyone taking this exam it's not too bad if you prepare well - I need 294 (booked in for 2 weeks time) for 2003 MCSE, fingers crossed!


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