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My book has me a little confused.
RAS = Remote Access Service is a common method of allowing users of a corporate network to access network services from home or the road.

Remote Access VPN = Private virtual dial-up network or (PVPN) is where end users are responsible for creating the (VPN Tunnel) to the remote office.

Great I understand that these are the two remote access services, However Radius and TACACS+ are the enhancements too RAS and the main difference between say RAS and Radius is that Radius supports centeralized Authentication, Authorization, Accounting where RAS does not. IN addition RAS typically have an arry of dial-in modems for users to connect to the corporte network where Radius can use Cable/DSL high speed internet.

Do I have this right?
And by the way, My book talks about TACACS+ but I do not see it listed on my Comptia 2005 objectives. Why is that ?
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    Well, not sure if this will help or not, but RAS is a Remote Access Service (meaning it runs on a Remote Access Server) that clients can connect to in a variety of ways. One way is dial-up, another is using a VPN. A dial-up is a Point to Point connection, such as a client modem dialing directly into a modem or modem bank on the server. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that uses the public Internet to to create a secure connection to a remote network, but still needs to access a RAS server (or device) on the other end.

    You can install RRAS on a Windows server and then use either a dial up PPP link to it if you have modems and/or a RADIUS server (service) that authenticates users connecting to a RADIUS client (like a router or firewall). You might also use a VPN appliance or even a firewall or router that has the RAS feature built in to it.

    It would be hard to list the many examples and ways you can implement these technologies.
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