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Hi all,

Im new to the forum, but i've got a few questions that i wouldnt mind some answers to please. I passed the 271 by just readin the MS Press book and some test exams, i found it not too difficult and managed to take the exam and pass only 3 weeks after i got the book.

Is the 272 more difficult?

I've been reading the MS Press book for a couple of weeks now ( i read pretty fast and have allready completed the book twice, and i take things in pretty quick too) and just took the practice exam that came with the books, i didnt do very well, and to be honest i think atleast 25% of the question were not even topics metioned in the book. I understand that the books aren't meant to be my only source of reading, but i managed the 271 pretty well with only them and few other sources. Also i found that the 271 book covered 95% of the topics on the practice exams and the real exams, the 272 MS press book doesnt seem to have the depth of info required for the exam, atleast the practice one i took.

Has anyone else found this huge difference?

Sorry for the long post



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    When I took 272 I thought it was a little more difficult than 271 but not by much, but it really is a matter of opinion. I think 272 covers Microsoft Office and other MS applications. Take a look at the objectives for the exam and once you know everything on that list you shouldn't have any problem passing the exam. Good Luck!

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