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For my study material i am using the microsoft press book. my exam is scheduled for thursday this week, so i'm starting to do practice test i have both measure-up (came with the microsoft press exam book) and i got the selftestsoftware with my exam voucher from on the selftestsoftware exams i'm scoring an 85% pretty consistently and on the measureup i'm only scoring a 65% !?!?!?!

which of the practice tests are more accurate??? i know that they are both the only ones approved by microsoft, but how can there be such a huge margin in the scores between the two?


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    I used selftest for MCDST and Measureup as well. I had the same experience with that exam.
    The Measureup seemed much more difficult to pass.

    I have used measureup several times for different exams--including 70-290. I took it twice, once because my voucher was almost expired and then on an almost-expired Microsoft free retake, and failed both times. I could just barely pass the Measureup on both occasions.

    So, If I were you, I would reschedule the exam if at all possible, and spend more study time.

    Best of luck!
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    which was more comparable to what you would see on the exam? because i'm doing fairly well with the self test software. took another test today and scored a 95. took the measureup and was a 70 so i think if i continue to cram i should be ok.... just curious which questions are closer to what is on the exam.
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    I have used Measureup for several other exams, and I would say that they are a very good representation.
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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