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Ive done a few practice tests online and do score about 75% which would pass me, but I feel weak on OSI, TCP/IP and know what service does what, for example "what do you need to install to allow a Netware client communicate with a win2000 server"

As I said I am scoring 75% and I am strong on the other topics. I have my exam this Tuesday, but if I could get the weak areas up to scratch, I should be coming away with a pass.

Anyone got any advice, Ive looked over it all, but for someone with no networking experience and only two weeks to learn it all, I feel I need some tips off you all.



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    Trick question.

    NetWare doesn't have a client OS. NetWare only has Server!

    This is going to be a classic as time goes by.

    You may want to postpone your exam. That is, if you're not close to the expiration of your voucher. Seems that most exams are not as difficult as the real thing. Also, it's recommended that a person should be scoring 90% on practice exams before actual testing.

    If you don't have an exam guide, you should get one.

    Some recommend the Sybex study guide. The only one that I used was
    All-In-One Network+ Exam Guide by Michael Meyers. If possible read and study this before the exam. It's not perfect, but it will get you by.

    If you have couple of old PCs, wouldn't hurt to network them together and practice with TCP/IP protocols and commands a bit. Network people really do use those things!

    Best of luck on your decisions!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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