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hello all icon_lol.gif . i am new to the bb, but this appears to be a great site. i am in the process of studying for the security+ exam and i am looking for some good resources to use in my studies. i am currently using Trevor Kay's Security+ Certification Passport, and i intend to buy kaplan's self-test software. do you folks who have passed the exam think this is sufficient study materials? give me the scoop. thanks.

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    I personally found Trevor Kays passport book very lacking. I have however found a couple people who used it and though it ok, but most who have used it and posted here are not too complimentary.
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    I used the Passport book and thought it was good... until I took the test. I found out that the Passport does not cover nearly enough material and the tests that come with the book are nowhere near as difficult as the real deal.

    I then purchased the Sybex book, read it, and passed the test with flying colors. I wish I had read it the first time around. Hope this helps. icon_cool.gif
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    thanks for the beta guys. i think i'll do a bit more studying before taking that cert. i'll keep you informed. we'll chat.

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