How benefits Online labs are ?

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Hi Everyone?
Currently working on CCNA.... Also using Boson netsim.
So Do you think it is a good idea to work and try the online labs?
If yes, which is the best?
If no, is it important for Professional level ?
Also In the work .... I can have one switch and one router to practice on them. But i really feel that i can do nothing with only a router and a switch. If you don't agree, a hint on how to practice using them is really appreciated!!
I'll get you .


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    borumasborumas Member Posts: 244 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I would definitely use the online labs, Cisco has some nice ones on their prep center pages and they are free when you register. You could do some vlanning with that switch/router and also just basic commands with that setup you currently have, it would probably be best if you could add another router and switch to your lab though (maybe add 2 more routers and have one as the "cloud" for frame-relay feeding the other 2 routers).
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