authoritative vs non authoritative

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Is the general rule about these two..

authoritative: If you deleted an OU and that replicated to your other domains, then you would use this approach since after the restore of the lost OU it will place a newer timestamp on it and replicate to the other domains

non auth: When you need to do a restore of a domain, and it doesnt matter or you want the other domains to replicate their data to this one..

I think after nailing this stuff down and like 2 other subjects I should be a shoe in on this test... hopefully ;)

Thanks for any responses
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    It doesn't just put a new time stamp on it, it actually increases the Universal Sequence Number by 10,000. And yes for the non-authoritative. You just want to have the data restored so it can be updated from other Domain Controllers that may have a more updated object which has a newer timestamp, higher USN, etc...
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    Excellent, thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
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