Mix CCNA INTRO 640-821 with the New ICND2 640-816

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I don't know if this has been post yet, but I just found down that if you pass the INTRO now you don't have to rush yourself to take the ICND before due date. If you pass the INTRO and the ICND2 test you will get the CCNA certificate.
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  • blazepblazep Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    640-821 INTRO
    Last day to test 11/6/07

    Does that mean if I take the INTRO before Nov 6, I can take

    640-816 ICND2
    Available 8/1/07

    For my CCNA?? I just bought this INTRO Lammle book and Im wondering if I can still apply it.
  • amb1s1amb1s1 Member Posts: 408
    yes and then you will get the CCNA.
    David G.
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    Yeah, would seem that you can. Although it still would seem the best choice would be to knock out the Intro&ICND or combined 640-801 exam before November if you can.

    Between the 640-811 ICND and the new 640-816 ICND2, the ICND2 seems to have a lot more information to be covered.

    Of course, those passing the new CCNA exams might have a bit more foundation knowledge to help lead up to their CCNP studies while those who pass the current CCNA exams will have to learn some of the stuff on the new exams while studying the CCNP.

    I, myself, intend to pass the current CCNA, then look into obtaining the MCSA before going on to the CCNP although I might change my mind by then.
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