Installing printer driver problem (HP)

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Hi all,

Not sure if anyone can help out with this case.

Right now in the office we have two laser jet 2100TN printers. I have upgraded the memory etc..

Here is the problem:

When I have the HP Lasjet2100 Series PS print driver installed it prints the files we need - however Visio files are slow. With this print driver only one .PDF page will print at a time which is a problem.

I changed the driver to the PCL5e/6 driver, however it prints Visio files all garbled up.

I found the HP Universal Print Driver and it worked great - prints both just fine - however you have to install it as a separate printer and then find the network printer to print to. This would be to much to do for every user so..

I then tried to install it as a print driver on the server - it asks for the .inf file - there are about 7 in the folder - I choose one and it then installs and asks for another driver- so I choose it again and it starts uploading files to the server under the w32x86 folder.

After all that it says "printer settings can not be saved. Windows cannot locate a suitable printer driver."

Anyone else run into this sort of problem and can help out?



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    Are you sure that it's a compatible driver for that printer? Are there any alternatives?

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  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
    KG -

    Yes this driver works with the printer - I tested and verified. The problem is that you have to install the software and then add the printer which would be a problem. I just want to add it to the server and it will make the change to everyone who has it added as a network printer.

    No other drivers have worked - so as of now no other alternatives.
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