Sitting 70-290 tomorrow - Passed with 850

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I will be sitting the exam tomorrow at 1 pm.

tonight I intend to cram group scopes and performance monitor (I have a hard time remembering what is acceptable and what isn't)

Those are my two big things that will get me if i get too many questions on them.

I just hope I read enough into the questions that i dont leave anything out... i have a tendency to read faster then my brain will comprehend what i'm reading.

Hopefully I'll make it by tomorrow to tell you my victory on my first MS exam...



I got lucky and only got one question on group scopes and two questions on performance monitor.

I had 8 sims on my exam. i only used an hour of my time, I went through the test then started to review my answers then said screw it i'm not going to change any of my answers anyway....

I had a lot of questions regarding share/NTFS/effective permissions.

Study materials:
MS Press & Measure up practice test
Self test software (got with my voucher)
Technet site
Technotes on this site

i have 2 years experience with 2003 and 4 years with 2000.

For anyone taking this exam make sure you keep your studies broad, i dont think i would of passed if i didn't check the technet site constantly.

I think i'm going to do 270 next, not sure yet...


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    Good luck, let us know how it goes!
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    Sleep well before the exam. It really helps!
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    congrats! You can update your profile now, since you have a new cert.

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    just updated :P
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