Telnet access to a 1900 series switch

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Ive done my part in pretty much completely ignoring the 1900 series being that its not on the exam and I dont have any interest in trying to cram my brain further full of information that at this point is kinda unnecessary (although eventually itd be nice to know icon_wink.gif) so lo and behold was I confused when I came across a 1900 series switch in a lab I was using.

For the most part the configuration is pretty self explanatory but the line vty command seems to be completely absent for telnet access. Its necessary to set up to make sure an access list I created is working...but for the life of me I cant seem to find anything which indicates how to establish a password for telnet access on the 1900s.

I read something about Tacacs but it was kind of vague...not sure if this applies or not.


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    I think it uses the same password as level 15 enable secret command:

    enable secret level 15 0 password

    or somthing like that, it's been a while since I've configured it
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