v-lans vs. subnetting

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Alright, to be honest, they seem to have alot of similarities in the fact that they both are used to break up a network. Would someone mind breaking them down in english (as in when to use which, what the differences actually are, and so on)?
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    Check out my Network+ TechNotes for a very basic overview of VLANs (Switches section)

    But comparing vlans to subnet is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. From the perspective of subnetting (layer 3), a VLAN and physical LAN are the same. Using VLANs is basically a means of creating separate LANs (on layer 2) without the need for additional physical devices (ie. multiple virtual LANs on a single physical switch).

    Cisco does recommend a one-on-one relationship for subnets and VLANs. Meaning each VLAN gets it's own subnet (where subnet can be major/classful network or subnetted network).
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