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About two weeks ago. Around 750.... who knows or cares. PASSED is all that matters. I was taken away that 30-40 (almost half the exam) of my questions dealt with Novell/ Netware and OS X server. I fielded one question about classes of networks and 2-3 on the OSI model. I was quite surprised since I have been doing this in the retail field for about 3 years now and have never come across an OS X server and only one enterprise running Novell.

I used an older CompTIA Network+ Certification book, Mike Meyer's Passport and relied heavily on my lone experience with Novell over two years ago.

Some field experience is needed for this exam to be able to weed out the obvious BS answers and to work toward the correct one. I wouldn't say it is harder or easier than the A+. Just different. Next up for me is the CCNA.


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