Permission inheritance on exchange public folders

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Hello All :D

Just wanted to ask a quick question about public folders in exchange 2003 SP2.

The situation we have is that we have set up public folders in exchange and have created a folder for a state of ours to archive there old mail. The permission on the parent folder has access for the entire state to have publishing author rights. The problem we have and would like resolved is that when someone from that state moves a folder into here the rights do not inherite from the parent folder. What ends up happening is the default rights (anonymous - contributor, default - author, or whatver it is :) ) get written and the person who moved the folder becomes owner over it. This is not an ideal situation at all because then we have to manually go into system manager on the mail server and use manage settings to allow inheritance to run from the parent objects to the child.

Ideally we would like is any file or folder dragged into the parent folder to inherit its permissions instead of making new ones. At the moment this is not the case.

Currently we are running in 2000 native.

Could anyone possible shed any light on this situation and how we can get any objects to automatically inherit the correct permissions from the parent.

Thanks in advance.
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