Small textual error on Techexam practice exam -

14. You are the domain administrator for your company. All client computers run Windows XP Professional and are members of a single Windows 2003 domain. One of the users, Julia, created a shared folder on her computer and asks you to set the permissions. She wants everyone in the Sales department to be able to do everything except changing permissions for the shared folder. Nobody else in the company should be granted access of any kind. She wants to maintain Full Control over the shared folder's permission settings.

How should you assign the permissions? (Choose 3.)
a. Remove Everyone from the share permissions.
b. Assign the share permission Full Control to the Sales group.
c. Assign the share permission Change to the Sales group.
d. Assign Full Control share permissions to Julia.
e. Deny the share permission Full Control to the Sales group.
f. Deny the share permission Full Control to Everyone.
g. Assign the NTSF permission Modify to the Sales group.

Kinda irked me and almost didn't choose it because I wasn't sure if the spelling affected the answer.


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    I've gone through several practice exams and books in all my studies and almost always find at least 1 error somewhere.

    It does happen.
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    Wow... I stared 5 minutes at the question in your post to find the 'small textual error'. I see it now icon_lol.gif you are referring to the typo I made in NTFS. I'll fix that today, thanks for letting me know (a PM would have worked ;))

    In general, in real exams and good practice exams, the incorrect answers are usually 'not' completely bogus answers. To illustrate:

    Which three of the following are file systems?
    a. FAT32
    b. WEP
    c. NTFS
    d. CDFS
    e. SAMBA

    instead of:

    Which of the following is a file systems?
    a. FAT68
    b. WUP
    c. NTFS
    d. SIMBA
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    Sorry bout that, next time I'll PM you.

    For the record though I don't want to make it sound like I meant this as a negative, regardless of the typo these are great practice exams. The network+ and A+ ones did wonders for me and I'm sure all the materials will help for 70-270 as well.
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    No problem at all, I rather have people post it in the forums than not contact me at all. And I'm glad you find the practice exams useful. :D
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