Mike Mayer regular Vs, Passport edition?

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what is the diference in theses two book? thanks.
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    The regular book is a full sized study guide. The passport is a review style book like Exam Cram or the Sybex FastPass series. I used the passport book, but at the time I took the exam I had a couple of years experience and had already passed a similiar exam called Network Essentials.

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    I used both, as they came with a class I took. I found the passport a good companion read when bored at work, or when not at home, but looking to brush up.......
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    Both are well written and very useful tools!

    The Passport series is really geared toward last minute review or someone who truly has experience and merely wants to read something to ready themselves for the exams to compliment the objectives.

    I'd recommend the A-I-O book first unless you have experience and merely need a quick review.
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