I finally Passed ICND!!!!

michael_knightmichael_knight Member Posts: 136
I finally Passed ICND!!! It wasn't pretty though, I scored a 853 but it's a pass. Add that to the Intro I passed and I believe if I'm correct that makes me a CCNA!!!! I am so frickin happy, the people in the testing center had to tell me to shut up,and the people outside must have thought I caught the holy ghost cause I kept saying thank you Jesus!!!! I just wanted to thank everyone up here for helping me out. This is the best site I have ever been to when it comes to studying. The people up here will set you straight if you're lookin for a quick fix and everyone is very friendly and actually interested in helping. I think I'm going to do Security + Next. Partly because I got the book in a class I took which included CCNA. I'm thinking If I get my security + before the end of August (I'm really hoping it won't be as hard as ccna) I'll take a break from studying because I'm getting married in september and I want to go back to school in January and I don't want to start something I won't be able to finish....Speaking of which the school I'm going to go to does a degree program where they concentrate in either A+ CCNA or Security+ so since I already have some college credit and I'll have the 3 degrees I'm hoping I can finish that degree program in about a year or so

Anyway thanks to everybody again. I'll make sure I check the ccna forum while I do Security+ I'm going to put up a post on what I did to pass so hopefully the next person won't have to go through what I did


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