New Linux Exam Tracks out

TurgonTurgon Banned Posts: 6,313
Novell is still to be found.

The Tier 1 ISP I work for uses Novell for file and print across the business. There should be plenty of work over the next few years shifting Netware to Linux so if you want a niche consider doing the Novell Certified Engineer track. You need to be a CNE 6 to do it though.

For those without a current CNE in Netware 6 consider doing the following..

Novell Certified Linux Professional 10

followed by

Novell Certified Linux Engineer

Good look with the practical lab exams the 'practicum.'

Get these qualifications, find the right jobs and print money. There are not too many people on top of all this stuff right now so opportunites are out there somewhere for some people and should grow.
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