Can DSL Modem use both RJ45 and USB port for 2 pcs?

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I posted previously about sharing my DSL connection with two computers and was advised to use 2 nic’s with a crossover cable and 1 nic for the other computer… or to use a router…

My main computer is connected to the DSL via USB.. The DSL offers the option to connect with a RJ45 as well… One of my friends thinks I could connect the first computer with the USB and use the RJ45 port to connect the 2nd computer…

If that is possible. I think I’d use a straight through cable and not a cross over cable right?

Below is some specs on my Broadxent broadband blaster dsl modem 8012u-v.

1) ASDL bridge. Allows users to choose either the standard Ethernet 10/100 base-t interface or the standard USB interface to connect to their PCS.

2) Supports multiple PCS when multiple IP address are used or by using additional Router.

3)Transparent Bridging (IEEE 802.1D)

More details at

Would it be possible to connect both computers using one for USB and the other for rj45?

Also, for a DSL Line.. It would be the same speed to use wireless and rj45cabling right? Since i dont think DSL is faster than 11mbps
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    Don't quote me on this but it appears that you can only have one PC connected to 'either' the USB or the RJ-45 not both at once.

    To connect more units you will need to use an extra network card as stated or a seperate router.
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    I know you can use either or on my DSL modem, but not both. I guess it could differ from one manufacturer to another, but I would highly doubt it would let you use both.
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    Thanks a lot for the replies. What I'm gonna do is buy a netcard and the cat5 wiring and try it out.. If it doesnt work I'll just buy 2 more netcards or a router. I'll post how everything turns out in 2 weeks, when I buy all the stuff. Thanks again :)
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    Your best bet is to get a Cable\DSL router. Easy Internet connection with a firewall. You can't go wrong with LinkSys. icon_twisted.gif
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