Time between CCNA and BSCI

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Hey all. I was just wondering roughly what the time period has been for all of you between attaining your CCNA and BSCI (or your first professional level test) was. I had been studying some CCNP topics before attaining the CCNA, so I've got a jumpstart, but I have got to say- the individuals who have/are close to having the CCNP are definitely a level up on the CCNA guys..and for good reason. I work with a contractor who has his CCNA, and is about to test the BSCI this month, and this guy knows his stuff well.

I have the BSCI books on the way, am going to order some practice tests, and use CBT Nuggets as an introduction to some of the more unfamiliar topics. We'll see I guess..I'd really like to take and pass the BSCI before heading home in 2 1/2 months.


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    2.5 months seems fair. I guess it depends on how much time you spend on studying, reviewing and practicing (just a bit with dynamips). And how many sources of information you are willing to use.
    I took my BSCI in about one and a half month after taking the CCNA, studying 4+ hours a day.
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    That doesn't sound too bad. I am sticking pretty close to my technique used on CCNA, which was a combo of CBT Nuggets (all from CCNP or higher series), practice tests from various sources (preplogic, books, etc), and cisco press books. I should hopefully be able to hammer out a couple hours per day, but definitely not 4 hours. My unit has been very supportive of me attaining the CCNA, by encouraging me to study when I get lazy, but I think they have limits of how supportive they'll be. Time will tell I guess.
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    The day I passed the ICND and got my CCNA I started working on the BSCI. I don't see a point in taking a break, because time not studying is time not trying to make more dollars, haha.

    You'll enjoy the CBT Nuggets - I'm thoroughly enjoying them myself. Jeremy C is a great instructor.
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