Help with Win 2003 Server Enterprise.

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I need some help here with Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition. I recently setup a Win 2003 Server at my house and have been having some problems with it. The 1st time I set the server up it ran good for a few hours. I installed a piece of software which required a reboot so I did like any normal install. When the server was running again I was not able to get the server back online. I couldn't browse my network or get on the Net. The weird thing about it was that I was able to get an IP address from my DHCP server but I was not able to ping anything on the local LAN. So after a few hours of playing with it I decided to start all over again. BTW...I uninstalled the software that prompted me to reboot but still no go. icon_confused.gif

So I started all over again...ran a clean install and the server ran great for about 2 days. Yesterday my house loses power while my server was on. When I got the server back on I was not able to get it online again. I've tried to do everything possible but I can't get it back online. I've tried replacing the NIC thinking that maybe the power failure fried the NIC, but still the same problem. I've played with all the services and reinstalled TCP/IP still the same problem. I can't even get an IP address from my DHCP server anymore. What else can I do??? I'm open to ANY suggestions!!! icon_sad.gif I really don't feel like doing a full reinstall again...there must be something I'm missing. Help!!!!!!
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