Anyone taken the new cert exam from Security Certified?

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Hello all, just taking a break from studying for the CISSP exam and I was wondering if anyone has looked into the new certification from SCP? It is called the Security Certified Network Specialist (SCNS) and the exam is called Tactical Perimeter Defense. I took this course a few weeks ago and though it is really recent (it came out in the middle of June), I was wondering if anyone out there has attempted it and could provide a review. If anyone is interested I can provide some information taken away from the course.


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    I know that I would be interested in any info you have concerning it. Im sure some other security junkies like JD would as well.
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    I haven't heard or read anything about the SCNS cert:

    I don't see anything about the SCNS on either.

    I took a class for the SCNP exam, but I wasn't impressed with the material, so I decided not to pursue the cert. I have the SCNP official course book in like-new condition with CD that I'll sell for half-price. ;)
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    The content is a little watered down and all the real "meat" is either skimmed over or not touched on at all. Even intro to security should have some meat man!!!! Since you've already taken the class, it might not hurt to go for certification, but I wouldn't count on it adding a ton of value to your skill set.
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    I had the feeling that it may be going backward taking this test. We took the course the last week of May and the instructor kept telling us what would and would not be on the exam, unfortunately the exam wasn't available at the time so I was a little skeptical about the information that he was providing. The course book was around 800 pages with 400 pages of labs (supposedly no labs on the test), so the material may be lacking. The majority of the labs were concerned with with firewall rules, packet sniffing, and playin with Snort. My personal opinion was that taking this test would be a step back from the CISSP which I am taking on the 29th, phew. A whole different ball of wax. I am not going to say that this is a bad cert to have, just a beginner cert and for those who love to write rules it should be a walk in the park.
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    Well I wouldnt say its a step backwards. By no means would it make your cissp worth any less. However if you have your cissp I dont see it adding much value to you.

    You might be able to sell it in an interview as "Ive got my CISSP ive got sec management skills" Ive also got SCNS which shows that I know more than just theory.

    I guess no cert is a bad cert, but with a "senior" level cert like CISSP it cant help much.
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    How much experience do you have in security? It would be worth something to you (personal knowledge) if you have none or little experience.
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    I have about 7 years of INFOSEC experience. I was thinking about taking the test just to make the week in the SCNS course less of a perceivable waste of time. I guess I will consider it after the CISSP. Thanks for all of your feedback.
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