Computer cables...also monitor issue questions

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Hey everyone--me again with two more questions (hopefully):

I almost tripped on some computer cords the other day--and I seem to have just a bunch of cords jumbled under the desk. Im using the plastic bag ties now--but not really much of a help. Anyone use something else that will actually take away the clutter?

icon_cry.gif Now this is why I almost tripped-- icon_lol.gif My sisters computer (emachine) seems to be dead. When it's powered on--the power supply fan goes on--and that about it--no post--basically nothing. The monitor only shows the test screen as if its not even connected to the computer. Now I tried it on another monitor--same thing--so I opened it up again..did the divide and conquer. When I started it up --I noticed that the fan/heat sink ontop the processor doesnt even spin--shouldn't it?? Could this be maybe video card problems? or processor problems. icon_confused.gif:
Im I even close? (please say so--at least i'll know my studying is paying off)


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    Ok, to clean up the cables, I use zip-ties. You could also use velcro-ties, or cord wraps. Those can all be purchased fairly cheap at most computer stores. Now, the power supply issue...when you turn the power on, the cpu fan should spin immediately, if it doesn't, cpu could burn out quickly. But, if nothing but the power supply fan itself works, the power supply is probably close to death. Their pretty easy to replace, just make sure you get one with the same power rating(or more). I use an Enermax 490w power supply. Before you replace anything, check the connection for the power to the mobo. If everything is connected, and/or you replace the supply, and still have problems, it may be the mobo itself. Hope this helps...good luck
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    Hey thanks again ricka182--Im gonna check on this when I get home. It should keep me busy for a while. Did I mention that youre my new best friend? icon_lol.gif:D
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    one more caution when working with the emachine... the power supply is usually the first component on those to die and the bugger of them is their size. You have to contact emachine directly to get a new one because they are smaller than the average power supply box, including the space they give you to put another one in icon_sad.gif At least the last time I put my hands in an emachine case that was the situation. In light of that I never ordered another one. Perhaps they've changed that feature though.
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    Thanks again guys. I checked and it seems like the power supply is working or at least providing power to the cdrom... When I press the button for the cdrom it opens up--so I figure power is at least getting through there...but not doing post..... CouldI test the power supply with a multimeter perhaps???????? Anyway I dont know--just an observation I made.I will check up on getting another power supply.
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    your system is FRIED!

    If you have a oscilloscope or multimeter lying around you can check the individual voltages for each pin coming out of the power supply to the motherboard. This would confirm that indeed your motherboard received a spike of power and is surely headed for the trash if the pins don't have the correct voltage.

    And yes, I've had the exact same problem where the fan in the power supply would turn on and CD Rom would eject...but nothing else in the system worked. Luckily though the monitor lived, my best guess is because it has big capacitors, which hold voltage btw.

    You can blame the crappy power supply for this.
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    yes you can test the voltages with a multimeter. Set your system up with just the main board connector (P1) plugged in and start it up. Test the voltages on the various connectors.
    remember - Yellow is +12 and good voltages are between 11 & 13 volts - Red is 5 volt, and there will also be a 3.3 volt. Check on the side of your power supply for the correct voltages!!
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    icon_cry.gif mynameisboring: when i saw the word "fried" i almost balled out. This least the monitor is fine....I will just blame it on that silly power supply!!! Thanks as well russ for that--you saved me from sending another post :o . Well on the bright side-i truly learned something from everyone who replied.
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