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I was just curious - would you rather use VMware (or similar), or a physical lab when you study?

I have access to at least 5 PC's that I can use for a physical setup, or could go the VM route if I wanted. I'd just like to know the pros/cons from those "in the know". I'm going to start with MCSA, then MCSE, and whatever else I decide on.

So come on, fellow nerds! Whattya think? icon_lol.gif
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  • thesemantheseman Member Posts: 230
    I like physical because it allows me to use old beastly computers. I like virtual because removing/adding VM's is a very simple process. Both have their place, but I would probably choose physical if I had to go one route.

  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□

    as long as you know how to set up the configs VM ware virtual labs what is the diff?

    I do not see any because what are PCs???? just nodes (machines with ip addresses)
    me personally whatever is cheapest; i am working on using VPC 2007 from Microsft
    and I use sims for cisco equiupment plus i have ccna lab at home and to be honest
    what it boils down to is being able to work the commands in cisco and knowing how it all relates
    For example I have this software called RouterSim and it shows icons that can be programmed like a cisco router. it is nice to do both but to me the virtual environment is better cause
    the VPC 04/07 is free and you can add Many PCs to one PC for practice saves on
    buying PCs. you can move VPCs around to other PCs one you build them (nice)
    and I have done both Sims and VPC and real and to me all a node is is an IP address and gateway and a needed DNS. you can virtual these and save yourself money.

    The key to me is as long as you know the vitural world from the real physical, you will
    be well rounded. but from my point of view a node is a node whether Virtual or not.
    my 2 cents. eventuall to be honest it is all going to be virtual environments.
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    My preferred method is to use Virtual Machines on a dedicated box.
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  • shednikshednik Member Posts: 2,005
    I love using VMWare
    I run 2 Server 2k3 VMs and 3 XP Clients on my VM Server

    3.0 Ghz Pentium D
    3 GB of DDR PC2-5400
    200 GB SATA

    Runs like a champ!
  • sprkymrksprkymrk Member Posts: 4,884 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I hate VM's. Slow, pokey, and prone to hanging my computer. Give me the real McCoy any day.
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